Withourbaby.com wants to give parents their lives back! What we offer is childcare for everyone. 

Childcare, with us is
available for everyone, 
easily accessible, 
Childcare for all parents! 




withourbaby.com wants to give parents back their lives before the children- with all activities and freedom of action in their daily lives.  Therefore, we are creating a direct booking portal for childcareBabysitters and Nannies We offer childcare which is available for everyone by easy online booking. 

Childcare, which can be accessed easily online. Childcare, which is affordable with relatively cheap rates for private clients.   


On withourbaby.comparents can book a Babysitter directly online in a few clicksParents don`t have to go through a „selection“ process or let the Babysitter come to their house before. We are in charge of the prescreening and match a suitable Babysitter from our database of verified childcare providers in terms of skills, location, languages, experience and last not least sympathy. (Clients can chose by photos as well). 

Furthermore, parents can also chose their favorite Babysitter directly on our portal and book her/him directly in a few clicks. Then, they have a confirmed booking and guaranteed childcare for an appointment or a longer term plan. 




Childcare is a steady public debate in Germany how to facilitate enough childcare facilities for parents. According to the current situation, there are still far not enough solutions for parents who both want to work full time.  


Furthermore, the level of entertainment and free time activities is becoming always more important for the generation of millennial parents today and therefore, also outside of the working hours, childcare is highly needed in Germany.  

The Founding Story

I am somebody used to book everything online. A few months after our first son was born, I was looking for childcare online. I subscribed in some portals but what I received were in total around 50 messages of Babysitters who declared their good experience and said they would like to babysit my son. 

When I wanted to have a night out with my husband, I was contacting them one by one a few days before. Nobody was available or willing to come over for a Babysitter job. Most of them said they don´t have time on a Saturday night, they don`t want to come to a family which they don`t know yet or they don`t want to get us and my son on such a short notice. 

I thought that cannot be that in one of the richest countries (Germany) it is not possible to book a Babysitter when you need it! 

The Founders

We are a married couple and have 2 children, 1 and 2 years old. We are living in Berlin since 3 years. Even if it is not easy to work when our children are with us, we have built up our new agency. 

By the way, our Babysitters also babysit our own children! 

Talal Mahrous, CEO

Sonja Uhl, CMO

Press Release-Portal Launch