Children are the Future of our Society.


We are a Berlin based team of professionals dedicated to support parents in their everyday lives. Our vision is to get parents their lives back!

 We think that childcare is an important matter in our society and a basic need for parents.

We want to support parents with innovative childcare solutions resulting in childcare which is

-(nearly) always available

-easily accessible



Furthermore, we do follow the idea of building childcare as a community service with flexible childcare pop-up centres.

 We want to build a community for families with childcare support. Share and chose your babysitter together with other parents!


Our quality childcare comprises:


-Childcare by trusted and verified Babysitters

-Childcare pop-up spaces

-Early child education: narrating, educational play and creative education

-Yoga for children


-Vocational training for kids

-Language education for children

-Dancing and music education for children


 Our Team includes Marketing professionals, Operation Professionals and Teachers.

We want to make life easier and enjoyable for today´s families and are happy to help out with our childcare emergency service whenever necessary.

CEO Talal Mahrous