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  • Posted Apr 03 2017

The Mum with the Phone on the Playground – That`s me!

I am that Mum constantly staring on her phone in the park or playground when my two small children are climbing up and down the steps or playing in the sand.That doesn`t mean that I am not attentive about my children. Even if I get many looks from other parents, as I am that Mum who is seeming to be neglectful. But, I always watch them from one eye...

  • Posted Mar 28 2017

Lactation Food to increase your Milk Supply

As nursing Mum, you have an unstoppable appetite. Unfortunately, even if you do not have to count calories every day, you should not eat unhealthy now. Instead you surely want to eat high nutritional foods which is filled with ingredients stimulating the milk production. However, these are not a proven cure for supply. If you are struggling wi...

  • Posted Mar 22 2017

Supermamas – Soulfood for new mothers! A great initiative in Berlin that brings Mothers together

Two mothers, Emilie and Marijke, both expat mums in Berlin, have founded the initiative “SuperMamas”.According to the concept of “SuperMamas”, so called SuperMamas pamper mothers with newborn children a few weeks after the birth of their new baby. The SuperMama ConceptThe SuperMama (a mother who also has children and subscribed to help new mums) is...

  • Posted Mar 13 2017

A Few TIps how to Discipline your Toddler

For many parents, to teach discipline to a toddler is one of the toughest and most frustrating thing to do. Sometimes it seems like a never ending battle of wills between parents and toddler. What exactly does it mean to discipline a toddler? It is not to be confused with punishment. Discipline is about setting rules to stop your little one fr...