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  • Posted Jul 10 2017

How to support your Child`s Calmness and Relaxation before Bedtime

Going to sleep is tough. Even if I enjoy the cuddling before my children go to sleep, they are often in between the tantrums or statements and excuses not to go to sleep now. When I am browsing the web or ask my Mum friends, it seems like children nowadays don`t like to go to sleep at all. I ask myself why is that? What I have to change or to do di...

  • Posted Jun 06 2017

10 Things that make Moms Happy

As moms, every day, we are working hard to make our kids happy. We act selfless not seldom until exhaustion and for us, it`s totally worth it. But now, I explicitly want to talk about us! Let`s take a moment of time to think about our wishes and needs and focus on things that make US happy! And there are plenty of them!   Here are a...

  • Posted May 26 2017

Dear Fathers, Be your Child`s true Hero!

Dear Fathers, You are in the extraordinary position that someone sees you as a true hero- your child. Whatever you do, your child will admire it, imitate it and believe in the fact that your actions are absolutely flawless and perfect.So you as father are in a position like a real celebrity or rockstar- your actions are admired, spoken about,...

  • Posted Apr 27 2017

What does it really mean to be a Mother

Being a mother means much more than having given birth to a child. It`s caring for another life which completely depends on you. It`s giving life to a completely new human being out of your body. It`s sacrifice- sleepless nights, nursing scratches and bruises, it`s protection and FULL responsibility for another, small and completely helpless human...