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  • Posted Apr 18 2018

6 Key Phrases of Montessori Teachers

Many of us want to educate our children in line with Montessori principles. But what does it mean exactly and how can we integrate them in our daily routines?Montessori is a philosophy on education and child development, a child centered education approach supposing a child is naturally eager to learn and capable of learning. Best results can...

  • Posted Nov 04 2017

A few Ways to beat Loneliness as a Stay-at-home Mum

When you are about to become a stay at home Mum, people give you tips how to keep a busy home in order, your kids happy and how to calculate the money issues. What many don`t mention is how incredibly lonely it can be. It is very often hard to admit, as loneliness is associated with unsatisfaction in life which is simply not true in this case. Your...

  • Posted Aug 21 2017

How Moms can Empower Fathers

Today`s fathers get much more involved in raising children then decades before. And many fathers wish and enjoy overtaking tasks in the upbringing of a child.First thing to mention is, that this is a great thing! However, there is still a little notion left that mothers or women in general know better how to deal with many situations of the care an...

  • Posted Aug 21 2017

Travelling with Deutsche Bahn with a child - Relaxed experience or adventure?

Actually, the train is a great means of transport for a trip with children.Children do not have to sit still in one place like in the car or on the airplane, but can get up and play. In addition, they do not cost anything, as in the plane, under 6 years and for urgent needs such as toilet or food you do not have to interrupt the ride. Basicall...