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We love Theresia!

We are so happy to have Theresia as a regular babysitter for our son. She is extremely responsible, kind, and fun, and the fact that she is pursuing her training as a nurse is a wonderful bonus. We would highly recommend Theresia to other families.

Theresia Metzlaff See Calender

Hello, I am 26 years old, German and currently studying for a degree in nursing in Berlin. Other than studying and working at the hospital, I truly enjoy working with kids whenever I get the chance, but I also love any activities outdoors. Having grown up with 3 younger siblings, I have been babysitting ever since I was a kid. After finishing school, I did 1 year as au-pair with 2 boys (2 and 9 years old), another 2 months in England with 4 little girls (1, 3, 5 and 9 years of age). After that while studying I did regular babysitting for dutch twins (beginning at 8 months of age) and for my nephew, ever since he was 1 month (he is now 21 months old). My nursing studies and work at the hospital also qualified me for all types of emergencies with kids (and adults). I'd love for you to contact me!







    • 2-Fach Bachelor Anglistik & BWL

    • Ausbildung Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

      Ongoing - Examen voraussichtlich im Jahr 2020



    • Au-Pair

      Haushaltsmanagement und Babysitting für 2 Jungs (2 und 9 Jahre alt)

    • Au-pair in Bristol, England

      2 Monate lang als Au-pair in England. Aufsicht für 4 kleine Mädchen (1,3,5 und 9 Jahre alt)

    • Babysitting als Nebenjob

      Verschiedene Jobs im Babysitting und als Haushaltshilfe junder Mütter neben Studium und Ausbildung (Alter der Kinder: hauptsächlich Säuglinge und Kleinkinder zwischen 1 Monat und 2 Jahre)


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