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Talita Estrella Figueira Figueiredo See Calender

Hello! My name is Talita Estrella, I am 26 years old and I come from beautiful Rio, Brazil. I am currently living in Berlin after doing an International Master Programme in the University of Freibug and a couple of other universities around the globe. While I put total effort into learning German and hopefully finding a job in the development field, I would love to start a mini job taking care of kids. Why? Because I am from a big family and my whole life I took care of my small cousins and now that I am old I have nieces and baby cousins. =) Every time I am in Brazil I take care of them and I find just amazing that while with kids you can just freely use your imagination and they won’t complain about your stupid behavior/jokes. In fact, they might laugh with you which is always fantastic to hear. Apart from that, I also worked as a volunteer at the kindergarten of a NGO called "Solar Meninos de Luz" taking care of babies until 1 year old. I am currently B 1.1 level in German but I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently. I hope that, if you are interested, we have the chance to go for a coffee to get to know each other and hopefully make this work. I would certainly love that. Best regards, Talita.







    • Master in Social Sciences (Global Studies Programme)

      University of Freiburg, Germany; University of Cape Town, South Africa; Chulalongknorn University, Thailand

    • Bachelor in Social Sciences

      Bachelor degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro



    • Volunteer work on the kindergarten of the NGO “Meninos de Luz”

      The NGO "Solar Meninos de Luz" runs a school project with kids and youth in situation of social vulnerability from the communities Cantagalo and Pavão Pavãozinho. During my work at the Kindergarten I was responsible to assist the main teachers with the kids (ranging from 7 to 14 months). My tasks were to play with them and assist during lunch and nap time.

    • Babysitting nieces and goddaughter

      Although I have never got payed for babysitting family members every time I am in Brazil I take care of, specially, my two nieces and my goddaughter on a regular basis. My nieces are currently 7 and 3 years old and my goddaughter is 6. Because I am from a big family I always dealt with kids (even when I was one myself). For the last 11 years though, because my family generation is starting to have kids (cousins and sister) I was responsible many times for staying with nieces, cousins, etc. I believe during this time, I improved a lot my way with kids, not only in regard to playing and interacting, but mostly understanding the big responsibility of taking care of a child and knowing what to do in different situations.


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