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Shikha Sheokand See Calender

Dear Parents, My name is Shikha Sheokand.I am offering service of babysitting to parents who needs a English speaking babysitter for their child . My education and details: I am female of 27 years old.I have done engineering in electronics & communication .Now I am pursuing Global MBA.I live in Kreuzberg .I have been part of projects involving children .I have worked with children of age group of 3 years old to teenagers of 16 years old.I am the eldest child of my family and have lot of cousin and that's why I have always been the responsible one.I have my classes 2 days a weeks and most of the time I am free.And that is why I would like to utilise my time in babysitting. Since I have science educational background I can also help your children in their homework.I can also help in picking up your children from school if needed.I do Indian cooking but if you give me direction I can help out in cooking food for your children in some cases. I am also learning German so to be able to communicate with people in German language. I am vegetarian and non smoker.I am not allergic to anything.My height is 168cm ,63kgs weight and from India. Other than these I am good in sketching, drawing, dancing and yoga hence I can help out your kid with school projects. For further queries kindly contact me . Regards, Shikha Sheokand







    • Btech (electronics and communication)

      I did my engineering in electronics and communication from Kurukshetra University India.

    • MBA

      I did MBA from MDU Rohtak,India.

    • Global MBA

      I am pursuing Double masters i.e Global MBA from BSBI Berlin



    • Babysitting

      I have been in touch with children .I am able to manage good and friendly bond with kids.


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