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Sharin Zonta See Calender

Hello, i am an italian girl, i am 25 years old and i live in Berlin. i study in Milan at the 'Milan university' at the department of political and international science and i am going to graduate in a few months. I attend an intensive german course here in Berlin and i am planning to find an internship after i graduate. I really like children because i have always taken care of my little cousins and i spend lots of time with them. i gained very good contact skills with children during my experience as an au pair in stockholm. i lived with them and i took care of them every day and i really learned a lot also about childrend of different ages.







    • i will graduate in a few months at Milan university, my course of study is focused on international trade but also interantional politics and economics.



    • Au Pair

      the experience as an au pair was really amazing, i was in stockholm and my family was hal italian and half portuguese. my tasks were : pick up the children from school, give them a snack, help them with homework and of course play with them. twice a week i cooked for them and put them to bed. i have good contact skills with children because, besides the au pair experience, i have always took care of my two litlle cousins from when they were born.


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