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Phuong Hoang See Calender

I am a student who is studying Photography in Berlin. Before coming to Germany for my second B.A., I has been working as a journalist and the founder of Blog Hanoi Volunteer Group - a student volunteer organization that raises fund and support disabled and homeless children and the old people for 10 years in Vietnam. I love reading books, cooking, gardening and traditional values.







    • Bachelor of Arts

      I studied and graduated from Vietnam National University in 2005, my department was International Studies.

    • Bachelor of Arts - Photography

      I am studying Photography at BTK Berlin - University of Arts and Design. I will graduate in 2020.



    • Diplomat

      I worked as a diplomat and interpreter for Foreign Press Center, Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs in one year.

    • Journalist

      I have been working as a journalist, covering cultural section for the most -read online newspaper in Vietnam (http://vnexpress.net) In Berlin, I am still working as a freelancer (journalism and photography) with the newspapers in Vietnam and collaborator/photographer with ExBerliner magazine. I also worked at Berlinale 2017 as a reporter and film critics.

    • Volunteer Leader and Founder

      I am the founder and leader of Blog Hanoi Volunteer Group, a volunteer organization which connects students and adults to raise funds and support children and old people in Vietnam who are homeless, poor or suffer from cancer or heart disease.


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