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Olimpia Hernández See Calender

Hallo! My name is Olimpia, I'm from Mexico and I just move to Berlin (currently living in Neukölln) to study a Deutsch Language Curse, so meanwhile, I'd like to gain some money doing babysitting to help me with all my daily expenses. I have previous experience doing babysitting, summer courses, swim and dance instructor to children. About me, I love to be around children, I think they are the best company, you can always learn from them and they from you, I came from a very big family, I have eight nieces and two nephews, so since I was a teenager I started to look after them :) In addition, I'd love you to teach my language to your children. I do also speak English and Portuguese and with the time Deutsch ;) Please don't hesitate to call me or send me a message.







    • Sciences of Communications

      I have a Degree in Communication Sciences focused on the areas of Digital Marketing and Graphic Design. My work experience started in Social Media Marketing for the international insurance company HDI, then I moved to the Mexican Caribe and I started to work in the Customer Service areas for touristic service companies. Professional development in three languages; Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Software management for Graphic Design, Photography, Audio and Video. Knowledge and previous experience in the areas of Organizational Communication and Business Image. Labor competences: Autonomy, Leadership, and Self-management.


Cooking 70 %
Cleaning 100 %
Teaching Spanish 70 %
Cycling with kids 60 %
Dancing 90 %
Swim Instructor 50 %
Graphic Design 90 %
Photography 90 %
Watercolor painting 60 %


    • Concierge

      My main role is the guest service face to face, but I also bringing service to them before their arrival, organizing airport transportations, tours and activities, making reservations on restaurants. In another hand, I also write emails and attend calls with inquiries on the different intranets such a Booking, Expedia, Airbnb and more. In some cases, I need to handling requests and complaints and work under pressure. Me and other colleagues with the same charge, represent "Los Amigos Tulum" customer service.

    • Community Manager

      1. Strategies and content creation for marketing campaigns in Facebook and Twitter. 2. Graphic design and copywriting of all the posts to be shared. 3. Social Media Analytics using the platforms: Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Facebook and Twitter Analytics. 4. Management of Facebook for companies 5. Management of Campaigns and general advertising in Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 6. Customer service; providing a first contact via inbox, channeling them with the appropriate areas for the resolution of doubts or complaints.

    • Summer course | Swimming Instructor

      Helping one friend of mine during a full summer, she is a professional instructor for children. My task was to teach the children the basics (breath control, arm motion, swimming positions, kicking)...

    • Dancer Instructor

      As a monitor in the summer course, my job was to entertainment them meanwhile they work out with funny dancing. I really enjoyed looking at the children follow my choreography


Spanish 100 %
English 80 %
Portuguese 70 %
Deutsch 20 %