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Nicoll Velastegui See Calender

Hi, I am Nicoll, and I am from Ecuador. I am living in Berling because I am doing my Masters studies. I am a student at Potsdam University; my schedule is really flexible so, it is not a problem to adjust to your need. I have always loved taking care of kids, I have experience as a nanny and baby sister back at home with the children of my cousins, so it is not a problem to take care more than one kid. When I am with them, I give them my the 100% of my attention and time. I know how to cook so I can take care of them very well. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I will be really happy if I can meet you and your kids.







    • Bachelor

      I studied at Ecuador a degree in Social Managment. The university where I studied is called Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.

    • Master in Public Administration

      At the moment I am doing my masters studies at the University of Potdam, but I am living in Berling. My studies last one year, I will finish them this September 2017


Organizational 100 %
cultural awareness 100 %
Flexible Thinking 100 %
Cooking 100 %


    • Minister of Justice

      I was in charge of promoting and give follow up to the educational activities at the prisons in Ecuador. Some of my responsibilities were: - Make agreements, contracts, and projects with, government ministries and educational institutions. - Structure information in a database. - Coordinate activities to socialize with citizens about the ongoing education and training of prisoners - Organize educational resources in order to deliver them to all the prisons in Ecuador.

    • National Organization of Youth

      I worked as the Social Worker of a project against women and child violence. At the organization, we provided the victims with social, legal and psychological help. I was in charge of welcoming the victims and helping them with their needs.


English 100 %
French 70 %
Spanish 100 %