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Naima Bourhzal See Calender

Hello future family, how are you? I am Naima Bourhzal ,28 years old and i have just moved from Milan to this beautiful city Berlin ! I am looking for a job as a nanny or baby sitter because I love spending time with children :) , I have started working with children since the age of 12 years , and than I since my other passion is traveling around the world and discovering new culters and learning languages i decided to travel and being at the same time Au Pair !! I spent 2 years in Usa as an au pair, 1 year in France and 5 month in Palma de Mallorca , all of them were amazing experiences ! I am a very responsable, playfull and positive girl , where ever i go i bring always with me happiness in order to be productive and motivated in my job but the most important thing to give a lot of caring and love to my babies! :) i hope i will have chance to meet you soon! Naima







    • Managment and humane resources

      I am still studing in the university and this is my last year , i am writing my thesis .


Belly dance 90 %
Painting 80 %
Coocking 80 %
Creativity 100 %
Computer office (word, excel...) 100 %
Decoupage 70 %
Sport in general 80 %


    • Au pair in usa

      I worked as an au pair in Virginia for 2 families. The firs family i toke care for Souraya (girl)9 yeas old and Naseem (boy)5 years. My work day starded from 7 o clock on the morning, wakeup them , get them dresset and prepare their breakfast and their lunch to take with them at school, make sure thei bagpack are ready once were ready to leave I drove them to school, 15minuts by car from house . At 15:30 drop them from school take them to their activities, swimming or soccer etc.. At 5 clock prepare their dinner and give a shower to the kids ....during the week when they did not have activities we use to play at home, the kids love playing at" professor game" i was the student learning english and souraya was the professor and her little brtother her assistent, thank to their passion of teaching i really learn very well english hhhh . The seclnd year i worked for Gupta's family , an amazing indian family with 3 kids, Ela 3 years old, Uma 9 yeas old and Somil 5 years old. i really enjoy my time in usa with this family , I felt a part of their family, i was like a sister for those lovely children . my routine was wake them up in the morning herlp the to get ready a d prepare theirbreakfast a d lunch to take at school., drive them to school.E la since she was only 3 years old she went to kindengarden but only for 3 hours , at 11:30 i picked her up from school and we spend all the time together till somil and uma come at home , with Ela her routine after coming at home was eating , take a shower play a little and take a nap . when Somil and Uma co e at home I prepare snake for them and then we play together or do homework till the parent come home .

    • Au pair in France

      I was an Au pair for and other amazing familly a Renne, I tooke care for two active and sweet sisters , Louise 9 years and Valentine 7 years. My routine was taking care of them from the morning 8 o clock till 6 pm and sometimes i worked even on the night because thei mother (Floronce) use to travel a lot because of her job .Everymorning i had to wake up the girls help the with shower get dressed and prepare their breakfast, drop them to school and at 4 o clock pick them up from scjool take them tp their activities if the dont have any we return at home have a little snack , do homework and play or paint. Valentine and Louise love to dance and prepare performance for their mamitta as a gift :) ... I prepared for them dinner , read a story before sleep .../.let's say I was their older wise teacher!!!


English 90 %
Italian 100 %
Arabic 100 %
French 80 %
Spanish 50 %