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Millie Schwier See Calender

I have worked on and off for about 11years in childcare, starting out as a babysitter I then worked with an agency that sent me between families and nurseries around Edinburgh where I lived at the time. More recently I was nanny to two girls in London for 1 year, I drove to pick them up from school and quite often stayed over as the parents sometimes went away for work. Since stopping work as their nanny, I continued to teach weekly art classes, as this was something that had become part of my role. Being a creative person I love to embrace the unique way that children have of thinking and expressing their reaction to the world. I am playful and enjoy joining in and encouraging activities such as games, cooking, arts and sports such as swimming. Cooking is something I am really passionate about and I am extremely competent with preparing meals but if interest is shown I am happy to supervise experiments in the kitchen! Personally, I am a very motivated and driven person with my own practice as an artist. I believe in creating a space where equality between men and women is central and that educating children to be accepting and caring individuals is of utmost importance. I strive to be a loving, responsible and inspiring role model. I am perfectly comfortable with enforcing rules and will not be walked over, but never forget the importance of a little sillyness!







    • Foundation Diploma Fine Art- Drawing

      Camberwell College of Art

    • BA Hons Sculpture

      Edinburgh College of Art



    • Supermums

      Nannying agency

    • Nanny to two girls aged 8 and 10

      Also taught art classes weekly

    • Babysitting experience with 4 families previous to official roles


English 100 %
Deutsch 10 %