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Laura L.

Matilda ist eine sehr gute Babysitterin für unser Kleinkind. Sie tanzt und singt, spielt Spiele und geht mit dem Kleinkind zum Spielplatz. Was mir sehr gefällt ist, dass sie mit den Eltern in Bezug auf Erziehung zusammen arbeitet und regelmäßig nach Feedback fragt in Bezug auf Erziehung und die Arbeit generell. Sie ist sehr liebevoll im Umgang mit dem Kleinkind.

Matilda Allsopp See Calender

I have been babysitting and loved children since I was 13 years old, when I babysat my 3 month old cousin. Since then I have intermittently babysat for about 11 years. Before I moved to Berlin I worked for Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea in London roughly 3 times a week for 6 months. I looked after children from ages 6 months to 11 years. I am also happy to fulfil mentoring duties such as homework help, tutoring, teaching English or enforcing etiquette and discipline, and also playing stimulating and fun games. Furthermore, I am proficient in household tasks and cleaning if it should be required. Here is a review from a mother of 3, Erin: "Matilda was absolutely wonderful! My kids said they would love to have her back. Firm and followed directions but also very kid friendly and engaging." Parent, NW8 I moved to Berlin at the end of February, and since have done work as a dog sitter - staying at the owners’ house for 5 days, exercising and feeding the three dogs. I have also been working as a cleaner for Helping, so am very vigilant with cleaning and tidying. I really love children, and have missed babysitting whilst being here in Berlin. I find childcare extremely rewarding and am very good at it!







    • BA in History of Art -University of East Anglia

      BA in History of Art – 2:1


Babysitting 100 %
Childminding 100 %
Tutoring 100 %
Handling Babies 100 %
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    • Babysitter with Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea

      Worked as Babysitter in a Babysitter Agency in London -Cared for children between ages 8 months and 12 years -Day and night time care


English 100 %
Deutsch 70 %
French 70 %