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Lucie-Cerise Bouvet See Calender

Hello! I am a French student living in Berlin for dance school. I'm 23 years old. I speak French, English, Italian and Spanish. I recently arrived and I have plenty of time to take care of your children! In France I've been working with kids for 2 years in a middle school and 3 years as summer camp leader. I have the BAFA - the French diploma that testified of my abilities of taking care of children in groups or alone - where I have learned to react to anything that could happen, and also occupy, look after and spend happy moments with them. Besides of watching over them I love to be with children, it has always been easy for me to create a link, sharing little things i can teach them and have fun ! Hope you would trust me to take care of your loved ones !







    • Art Licence

      Back in France I studied the "art de la scène" wich means theatre, danse, on stage, and all the works behind the scene.

    • BAFA

      It took 3 steps to get this diploma. First one is theoretical, during 10 days we are formed of the security issues, the laws of looking after children, what we can, must or must not do. We also learn how to respond to any cases that could happen. Second one is practical. You spend 2 weeks inside a summer camp, working with a team to take care of children, occupy, learn ect.. the third one is deepening. It's a 10 days work with only future supervisors, where we learn more specifically about teaching, transmission of knowledge, creating active process around one topic and depending on kids'age.



    • Summer camp supervisor

      For 3 years I took groups of children for holidays in many places in France. It was from 1 to 3 weeks taking care of them 24/7.

    • Education assistant in Middle school and Highschool

      I used to work in a French school, watching over 1300 pupils. It was more a job of looking after, being receptive, and make the rules being respected. But I also had great time with them, having to occupy when they get bored and making studying something fun. It was a everyday help with little things and seing them growing up was very satisfying.


French 100 %
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