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Leanne Rivers See Calender

I am from the UK and I have been living in Berlin since May 2016. I am an actress and a screenwriter and I decided to come to Berlin to meet people doing the same work as me in film and writing. I trained in London and I have continued training in Berlin, I am also working with a writing teacher here. Because of my work it is important to me that I have other jobs that I not only enjoy, but also allow me to remain flexible. I am very good with children, and I have also worked with school children in after school film and creativity groups which I really loved and found very rewarding. I am very trustworthy and friendly. My German speaking is still quite basic, but I am learning.







    • Professional acting

      I trained as a professional Actress in theatre and film. I studied in London and have continued my studies in Berlin.



    • Babysitting

      I have had plenty of experience babysitting, I have a big family and helped to raise my 3 sisters and did babysitting for many of my little cousins, all with a 100% success rate!

    • After School Classes

      I work for a few months in a Gymnasium in an after school film club. We made small videos together and also worked a lot with creativity and story telling. This was on a freelance basis.


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