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Kayi Kwok See Calender

I am Kayi, 26yo come from Hong Kong. I love kids and photographing a lot. I moved to Berlin since last year, through the experience from my previous job, i came to have a lot of chances to know more about raising kids and children and woman health, both educational and practical level I appreciate a lot the German attitudes of developing personal growth since young age. I like being with kids because simply i am a big kid too. I am able to take care of kids aged from newborn, from head to toe, feeding, smoothing, sleeping diapering, or just to play with them.







    • Mass Communication

      Hong Kong Baptist University



    • Editor/ Reporter

      I worked for a Baby Magazine published in HK as a editor and reporter. With my occupation, I handled the full production of magazine from reporting to publish. including massive of works related to baby and maternity women, interacting with babies from infant up to 8 years old. I also I interviewed professionals in order to provide readers maternity informations, from prior pregnacy to parenting. I am capable to work as a baby sitter as i have well knowledge about children and maternity women, most importantly, i love children and like to work with them. To know more about my experience, please feel free to contact me at +49 1633448561


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