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Hoai Thuong Ngo See Calender

I am a girl that grew up bilingual in Germany. In addition to my native Vietnamese language, I speak fluent German and English. Furthermore, I still have a basic knowledge of French because I took part in the French classes for four years at high school. Already from a small age I am very familiar with children, because I myself have two younger brothers (7 and 12 years old). My parents have always been owners of restaurants, so I've taken care of my brothers since a pretty long time. I also participated in an internship in a kindergarten in Berlin Charlottenburg, Moreover, I gained numerous experiences in childcare through various jobs during high school. I am a passionate reader and cook and spend a lot of time in nature. I like to let my creativity run wild. In my spare time I write little stories and poems. My positive qualities include my patience, helpfulness and diligence. In the next winter semester I am going to study at an university and would like to work with people and animals later.







    • Abitur

      Im Sommer 2017 schloss ich erfolgreich meine Schulausbildung auf einem Gymnasium ab.


Geduld 100 %
Empathie 100 %
Gewissenhaftigkeit 100 %
von fröhlicher Natur 100 %
gesund kochen 100 %


    • erste Erfahrungen in der Kinderbetreuung

      Von 2006 - 2010 sammelte ich bereits in jungen Jahren meine ersten Erfahrungen und unterstützte bei der Betreuung und Erziehung meines kleinen Bruders.

    • Betreuung von zwei jüngeren Brüdern

      Im Jahre 2010 kam mein zweiter Bruder auf die Welt.

    • Praktikum in der Kindertagesstätte

    • Job als Babysitter


Deutsch 100 %
Vietnamese 100 %
English 100 %