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Harriet Blackmore See Calender

Hi! I am Harriet, I am 22 years old and from England. I have lots of experience working in care, and particularly with groups of vulnerable people. I am an enthusiastic and caring individual, and love working with kids. I am a fairly creative and energetic person, and I love to write, read and I spend a lot of time either exploring the parks of the city or trying to walk through it. At the moment I am doing university applications to study social work, and am volunteering in Berlin while I do the applications. I speak some German, and am trying to learn a little Arabic. I believe I am a good babysitter because I believe I work hard, am concerned with learning what each child responds best to and feel strongly about offering compassionate, kind and happy care to children and would love to be able to support your family in whatever way you need! Look forward to hearing from you, Harriet








Responsible, Organised, Focused and Reliable 100 %
Enthusiastic, thoughtful, energetic and creative 100 %


    • Working in an Emergency Refugee Shelter

      I worked in the reception and the kitchen of an emergency refugee shelter. I often worked with the children, as there was little by way of entertainment , or school, as they were waiting for asylum. I frequently work with groups of vulnerable people, and a lot of my experience is in care roles.

    • Babysitter

      Working in Berlin as a babysitter for a family with a two year old and later on assisting the family with their newborn.

    • Running a Community Kitchen

      For five months I worked in Calais, in the 'Jungle'. I ran a community kitchen with other women in the camp, and we often had unaccompanied minors coming in. We worked closely with lawyers, youth services and social workers in order to connect these children with support, but also holding a space for them and what they needed.


English 100 %
Deutsch 40 %