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Federico Coderoni See Calender

I am 27 years old Italian and I live in Berlin since August 2016. Music is my passion. I began to study music when I was six and since then it has always accompanied me. I have just graduated in electronic music in Rome in October 2016 and I have made a lot of experience in the professional audio sector after working for a recording studio and music publisher in Rome with passion and discipline for four years while I was studying. I have also worked with RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana and Flipper Music International. This collaboration was very stimulating to develop my creativity as well as for the technical skills. I made marketing experience in the music industry through the cooperation with bands, artists and companies which I have thoroughly coordinated all the activities of the recording studios and music publishers. I have a good approach in employment since I am proactive, problem-solver and methodical. I can safely express myself in word and writing and I would like to work in a pleasant working environment. I have flexible working hours and I can work independently as well as in team. I am, of course, available to everyone. Best regards, Federico Coderoni







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      Electronic Music

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      Scientific High School




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