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Farnaz zamanian See Calender

Hi, i am Farnaz, based in Iran, Tehran. Currently live in Berlin and i am doing my Thesis for my Master degree in M.A Integrated Design and hopefully will be graduate in July. I love children, which is basically the reason why I enjoy babysitting even as a part time job. I have the patience and understanding in dealing with growing kids, particularly the toddlers, and have a healthy lifestyle and a pleasing personality that can serve as a good example to them. I have plenty of experience to work with kids back in Tehran in my Father‘s Kindergarden and used to teach kids how to draw and be creative with basic material. Mostly, English lessons were part of my teaching Method. I also had a best experience while i was doing babysitting for my niece when she was 3 years old . Aside from taking care and feeding i also can cook very well. last summer i was participating in ‘‘Design Carousel‘‘ part of London design Festival. using design principles to teach children between 3 to 7 years old, how to consume less chemicals and plastic by finding natural alternative. my main focus was mostly about how they can experience nature through creativity. So,I did some workshops in order to teach them to produce their own product from the nature. make their own shopping tute and paint with natural dye and also to produce their own organic toothpaste. Furthermore,i encourage them to avoid less plastic and chemicals as much as they can. In that workshop They have experienced to be more responsible about the earth and their environment. Besides, think about the future of our planet and learn to have closer relationship with the nature. I believe a close connection with nature can have a positive impact on human well being, both physically and psychologically. In my free time i usually cook,read ,draw, do some yoga exercise and work on my personal projects and of course STUDY!!! i would describe my personality as cheerful, energetic, fun,responsible and warm. I will be glad to hear from you soon. Best wishes, Farnaz







    • M.A Integrated Design

      M.A Integrated Design incorporates the essential design disciplines with the creative subjects communication design, product design, space, audiovisual and digital media.


knitting 60 %
painting 60 %
Drawing 70 %
Video 4D 70 %
Photography 80 %
sewing 70 %
Handcraft 100 %
cooking 80 %
yoga 70 %


    • teaching painting

      i was teaching about 1 year in my Father‘s kindergarden to childeren between 3-6 years old english, painting , drawing ,papereworks...

    • Advertising Agency (Faradide-Honar)

      working as a Graphic and Creative Designer for one year in

    • Freelancer Studion INTO

      Cultural Guide for studio INTO (London)

    • Design Carousel (London Design Festival)

      running workshop for children in age between 3-7 years in Design Carousel part of London design festival


Deutsch 60 %
English 80 %