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Daniela Araújo See Calender

i am a 27 years old girl, born in Portugal. After having finished my masters in Berlin i have decided to stay in the city, therefore i have been living here since the last couple of years. As a side job and to support my artistic practice, as well as out of love and 'playfullness' addiction, i have been supporting some families with babysitting services. i worked with children from 10 months to 10 years old and, so far, we all end up being good friends. Having 2 younger sisters was the beggining of keeping up the playing instincts around me. From that on, i took part on summer camps where i worked as a monitor, once i became to old to join as a participant! i was dancing ballet since i was 3 years old, until i was 21. Although it worked more as an escape and i never desired to follow a more professional path, i end up teaching ballet classes for around 2 years, after being invited by my own ballet professor. In between growing up used to get children around and enjoying teaching, sharing and playing, i took part of a red cross volunteer, where i had the chance to get a first aid course and life guard course by the ISN (baywatch pt institute). i never made it to be a stylish baywatcher running around the beach, instead i kept volunteering for red cross and teached children swimming classes. When i left portugal to follow my artistic education on sculpture, i stopped many projects i had always been involved with. To balance it, and to support my carreer, i started babysittting in Berlin. Since than, many adventures took place! Sometimes i am the strange adult who's not afraid to get dirty in the playgroud, or the one who turns a cold day into a mask day, and sometimes i am just the one who seems to be brave enought to turn off the light after a storybook and stay awake until the parents come back home.







    • Bachelor + Masters

      Bachelor and Masters Degree on Fine Arts / Sculpture. ESAD.cr (pt) + UAP (pl) + UdK (de)


NOTE : i am flexible within the weekly schedules. 80 %
Crafty + playfull + creative 100 %
Activities Lead 100 %
Meals (cook + serve + feed/eat together) 100 %
Bring to and Pick up from Kita/School 100 %
Patience 100 %
First Aid course 100 %



Deutsch 40 %
Portuguese 100 %
English 100 %
Spanish 80 %
French 30 %