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Chloe Gonon See Calender

Hello! I am a 30 year old women living in Berlin. I used to be an active babysitter in Barcelona and Florence where I used to live before and I miss it! Growing up with 7 cousins (most of which were younger) I quickly took an interest in taking care of those younger than me. My first job was working as a Nanny for two girls over the summer of 2007. I gladly accepted the offer when I was asked to Nanny the two girls the following year as well. I have worked as a Tutor for children helping them with homework and math and have done a lot of Tandem work with kids trying to learn a new language. I was the go-to baby sitter for all the parents within my fathers firm :) I speak fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian. I am very flexible and can adapt to what times work best for you. Also very easy going and generally happy. The glass is always half full :)







    • Bachelors in Marketing & communication

      I got a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing and Communication at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona Spain.

    • Masters Luxury Management

      I have a Masters in Luxury Management from Polimoda from Florence Italy.


cooking 80 %
Languages 100 %
Reading 100 %
Arts & Crafts 100 %


    • Category Manager Accessories

      I am currently working for Zalando as a Category Controller for Accessories

    • Online French Manager

      I used to work for Gucci as the Online Manager for France in Florence Italy.

    • Category Manager Accessories

      I used to work at Groupon as a Category Manager for Accessories


English 100 %
French 100 %
Spanish 100 %
Italian 100 %