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Chido Nyandoro See Calender

Hello amazing parents my name is Chido Nyandoro, I am a young female student from Zimbabwe, a beautiful sunny country. I am a Christian and highly regard values of love, honesty and compassion when interacting with others. I am a fun loving, kind and patient person who loves spreading a positive energy wherever I go. I am love anything to do with wellness, exercising, eating healthily, writing poetry, dancing, singing, or reading books and travelling Im my free time. I absolutely love children and having am opportunity to look after them would be great. I have had experience looking after my nieces and nephews as well as my younger sister since I was in high school. I know how to feed children and change diapers, and I am a quick learner too if there are any specific requirements. I am very reliable and flexible with times because I have a lot of free time this summer and most of my school assignments I am doing from home. I am free right now between 8am to 11pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday , Saturday. On Sundays from 2pm onwards.







    • Bachelor's degree in Organisational Psychology and Sociology

      Steinbeis University, Berlin, Friedreichshain

    • Masters Degree Corporate Social Responsibility

      Masters Degree- Ongoing in Corporate Social Responsibility at Steinbeis University Friedrichshain


Babysitting Toddlers 100 %
Babysitting and Tutoring School Children 100 %
Childminding 100 %


    • Babysitting my sister, Nieces and Nephews

      Looking after my little sister and several Nieces and Nephews. I have been Babysitting for years kids in my family because I have a special feeling and abilities to care for children.


English 100 %
Deutsch 70 %
French 70 %