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Celeste Moura See Calender

Hello there, my name is Celeste, I'm 29 years old and I currently live in Berlin. I speak fluent English, conversational German (B2) and my native language is Portuguese. I lived in the US as an Au Pair for 18 months and I have plenty of experience working with kids/young teenagers in other scenarios, such as teaching English as a second language (which actually was my main job for over 6 years) and working as a tutor in an after-school program in Brooklyn. I also have lots of experience as a nanny/babysitter, both in Brazil and in the US. From February until September last year (2016), I worked as a full-time nanny for a family in Prenzlauer Berg (infant care). I hold a Bachelor's degree in Film and I have also studied Photography and other art forms (Printmaking and Art History, for example). I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in English Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. In my free time, I like to listen to music, read and write, do collage work, cook with friends, and play with my cat. If you are a (Brazilian) Portuguese- or an English-speaking family, I'd be happy to hear from you!







    • Photography Certificate

    • Film and Video BA

    • English Studies MA


Photography 90 %
Videos 90 %
English 100 %
German 60 %
Portuguese 100 %
Grilled cheese master 100 %
Playdough cakes 100 %
Indoor campground building on rainy days 100 %


    • English as a Second Language Teacher

    • Au Pair

    • Full-Time Nanny

    • DJ


Deutsch 60 %
English 100 %
Portuguese 100 %