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Camilla Day See Calender

I am a loving, caring and positive person, who takes great pleasure in teaching/taking care of kids and brightening their future. I have always loved interacting with children, sometimes more so than people my own age! I believe my lively personality makes me a fun and exciting person nanny / babysitter and, as I have so much childminding experience (10 years), you can rest assured your little ones will be in safe hands with me. Not only have I looked after kids from my own country, I have worked with multicultural/ multilingual families and taught schoolchildren in Asia and across Europe.







    • BA French & Italian


Languages 80 %
Dance 70 %
Writing 80 %
Cooking 70 %


    • Nanny/teacher

      Up until recently, I was looking after the daughter of a diplomat, who had just turned four. Between the hours of 10.30 and 1pm, I would teach her English and Maths, mostly through drawing, colouring and songs (she loves all three!) In the afternoons, we read, played, listened to music and danced. She is very bright, sweet girl with an incredibly active imagination and I absolutely adored taking care of her.

    • Volunteer

      I volunteered as a teacher in a very underprivileged school in Sabah, alongside a group of six others, for one week. We would put together lesson plans and come up with fun, innovative ways to teach the kids, who ranged between four and ten years of age. This was sometimes a challenge, as classes were long (3 hours!) and the conditions were less than comfortable, with all the dust, heat and small, cramped classrooms. Still, seeing those kids smile and knowing I’d make a small difference to their lives was unbelievably rewarding.

    • Nanny

      I looked after a four-year-old girl before coming abroad, picking her up from school and taking her to ballet and swimming classes. I also cooked for her, cleaned and played games with her, as well as occasionally putting her to bed to staying late to babysit.

    • Childminder

      I looked after two little French girls, only for a couple of weeks as their parents just needed a hand during that time. My duties were to play with them, take them to and from school, make their lunch and tidy their rooms.

    • Childminder

      I looked after three children aged two, four and six during my year abroad in Trento, Italy. My duties were to pick them up from school, play with them and help them learn English in fun, productive ways.

    • Au Pair

      I worked in Paris as an au pair for three months during my gap year, looking after two boys aged eight and twelve, speaking French with both. My duties were to cook for them, pick them up from school, play with them and take them to their various activities. I also cleaned their rooms and washed their clothes.


English 100 %
French 80 %
Spanish 80 %
Italian 40 %