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Bernardita Flores See Calender

Hi! I’m Berni, a spirited, fun and enthusiastic girl, I come from Argentina, so I speak fluent english and fluent spanish, I’m also able to communicate in French and Italian. I love children and spending time with them. I have a university degree in law and also interested in art. I love singing, dancing, playing sports, and I’m very passionate about eating so I really enjoy cooking nice healthy meals. I worked teaching spanish to 6 year old kids in the US and as a babysitter while I was studying. I will be happy to provide you with more info about myself and interests if needed. Thanks!







    • Lawyer



    • Babysitter- Childcare

      Ihave experience taking care of babies and young kids. Some of them were for a longer term and others sporadically when needed. I worked flexible hours, with kids from Different countries that could communicate in English and/or Spanish.

    • Worked taking care of two 7 year old boys in the US. I was in charge of picking them up from school, taking them home and teaching then spanish. We would also play interactive games so they could learn more dynamically.

    • Experience with babies and toddlers. Taking care of them at their homes and at my house when their parents were absent. I would change diapers, fed them, sometimes even bath them according to parents request. Read them books, played with them and put them to bed.


Spanish 100 %
English 100 %
Italian 50 %
French 40 %