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Andrea Vega See Calender

Hello! I am Andrea, I am 25 years old and I come from Mexico. I would describe myself as a very outgoing, responsible, creative and kind person. I enjoy a lot of different activities, specially the ones that are outside, like going for a walk, riding the bike, swimming and running. I also enjoy a lot spending time with my family and friends, talking to different persons learning new things, reading and watching movies. In my time as an Aupair in Germany I took an intensive German course for almost one year and I achieved the C1 level. I had a great experience tooking care of the kids and I learned the big responsibilty that I had every day to keep them first of all safe, but also, to achieve that they have a great time.









    • Aupair Year

      I was an Aupair for 1 year in Panketal, a small suburb outside Berlin. I took care of 4 kids. The oldest was 8 years old and I helped him with his homework and we played together. The next one was 3 years old and I brought him to the kindergarden with the parents and I picked him up. We also played together every afternoon. We played with legos, with cars, we went to the park, we ate ice or we played outside. The youngest ones were twins and I was with them the most part of the time. I had to dress them every morning, bring them to the kindergarden, pick them up, play with them, take them to the park, help at night with the dinner, help with the shower time and bring them to bed almost every night. It was a very nice time!


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