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Allison Wendt See Calender

Hallo! My name is Alice - I am 23 years old and recently moved to Berlin from Los Angeles, where I had ample experience working in private childcare, from babysitting to formal mentoring and tutoring across all subjects. During my prior childcare experience I came to really love working with children. I seek to bring a thoughtful and analytical lens to my work with children, and I believe in emphasizing creative expression, imaginative problem solving and open dialogue. As for a little more information about me, I recently graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a degree in Liberal Arts and an emphasis on Visual Art and Art History. I moved to Berlin to be involved in the arts, and would love the opportunity to incorporate my art practice and skills into childcare. Since moving to Berlin, I have completed an intensive German course through the A2 level. Obviously, not having fluency in German could present challenges in the context of working with children, and this would be something we would have to negotiate on a case by case basis. I have had good experience here working with younger children who are not yet fully verbal, and with tutoring in English. I seek to maintain structure while not undermining a child’s emotions and thoughts, instead encouraging their creative and intellectual growth. Hope to talk to you soon :)







    • Bachelors of Arts

      Studied Visual Art and Art History at a liberal arts college in Los Angeles, California



    • Mentor

      Met once weekly with 4 different elementary school children, each for one year, who were entered into a state program because of emotional or academic challenges. I acted as a positive role model, confidant, and tutor.

    • Nanny

      Picked up a 4 year old and 9 year old from school in Los Angeles 3 times a week, cooked them dinner, and put them to bed for over a year.

    • Tutor

      Tutored groups of at-risk low income high school kids in Los Angeles in English and Math after school to increase college matriculation.

    • Babysitter

      Babysitting twin babies who are still less than one year old twice a week in Berlin. Ongoing.


English 100 %
Deutsch 10 %