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Alice Chui See Calender

Hello, My name is Alice and I'm from Hong Kong. I'm moving to Berlin to study German as preparation for uni. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English and very little German. I have studied abroad since when I was 16. I have lived in English speaking countries for three year so I speak pretty good English. I was a cookery teacher during summer holiday in 2015. I taught a few classes a week. It was a lot of fun! I am now a homework tutor in Hong Kong. My students aged from 6-12. I would say I am doing my job pretty good and very into it at the same time. You are very welcome to ask me any questions









    • Primary school homework tutor

      I was a homework tutor in Hong Kong. I taught kids aged from 6-11. My duties were to teach them homework and prepare them for their exams. I enjoyed working as a tutor as It was a lot of fun to work with kids.

    • Kids Cookery Class Teacher

      I manged to teach the kids how to prepare food. It was good to teach kids how to cook as there are a lot of work when it comes to cooking so they will learn how to appreciate it more.


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