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Alexandra Mlod See Calender

Dear families, lovely to meet you. I'm a nurturing, creative, active, responsible woman with an imagination & sense of fun to match any child. I have extensive experience supporting children 0-18 and families in their homes, schools and creative projects in the UK and Australia. My background is as a school counsellor in secondary & primary schools and visual artist. Areas of speciality are: creative engagement with young people, nature/wilderness work with children, play therapy, special needs, teaching meditation & mindfulness, food education, supporting young people experiencing difficulties. Lots of experience of sole care. After 1 year on meditation retreat, I have relocated to Berlin to train in somatic practices. I look forward to hearing from you.







    • Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (Counselling)

      Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences with a Counselling Specialisation Australian College of Applied Psychology Sydney, Australia

    • Foundation in Visual Arts

      Foundation in Visual arts and independent advanced units completed in Philosophy, Psychology & Mathematics. University of Sydney



    • School Counsellor

      School counsellor across several primary and secondary schools in London, UK. Supporting 16-18 year olds and children up to the age of 11 years old with play therapy and exploring various challenges they may be facin

    • Wellbeing Coordinator, Family Action

      Provided up to 12 sessions of practical and emotional support or counselling to individuals over the age of 15 years experiencing points of crisis in their lives. Individuals received close support in of areas homelessness, mental health, migration issues, unemployment, safeguarding issues and drug & alcohol issues.

    • Ad hoc child care and nannying

      After school and weekend child care provided to children, most commonly between 4- 13 years of age. Children were normally picked up from school and would be supported in school work, play, creation, meal preparation and getting ready for bed. Trips to local parks, museums and play dates a regular occurence.

    • Online counselling

      Online counselling provided to adult clients around self esteem, spirituality and life transitions

    • Session Lead, Holy Cross Centre Trust

      Responsible for leading day session at the adult mental health day service,including overseeing volunteers, structuring activities. Setting up a café model in the Hub to enable the centre to shift towards a greater community and wellbeing focus. Supported co-production principles in centre sessions, including coproducing the Women’s Group and Open sessions, with the aim of self-empowerment. Began co-producing and running the Let’s Get Cooking project.

    • Family worker, Family Action

      Emotional, practical and family support provided to families affected by parental illness. Worked with children (0-18 years) and parents individually or together, supported parents to better meet the needs of their children and offer children a supportive relationship to facilitate understanding & development.

    • Health Education Officer

      Developed a new role in relation to local mental health services designed to implement user-friendly changes in service delivery. Facilitated groups on Adult wards. Worked with Placemaking to develop public art project on the wards.

    • Telephone Crisis counsellor, Lifeline

      Provided telephone counseling support to individuals in crisis and/or contemplating suicide. Liaised with statutory services when child at risk, suicide in progress or suicide plan disclosed. Supported with administrative tasks.

    • Therapeutic Community Project Worker

      Facilitated or co-facilitated groups in the therapeutic community, including the women’s group, creative & arts group and psycho-educational group. Provided one on one support to residents.

    • Childrens Support worker, Pegasus Community Co

      Provide respite care to children and young people under the age of 18 with physical and developmental disabilities, engaging them in appropriate and enjoyable creative activiti


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