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Alexandra Holley See Calender

I am a native English-speaking film student, relatively new to Berlin and looking for flexible babysitting / nannying work alongside my studies. I come from a family of 4 and as the eldest helped to raise my younger siblings. I miss having kids in my life for their imagination and boundless humour. I am kind and patient, dilligent and reliable, and apart from a lots of babysitting work in the past i have worked as an editor, an agent for writers and as a copywriter. I am therefore very well equipped for helping out with homework or assiting with English conversation practice. I have a clean driving license, but tend to cycle everywhere.






    • BA English Literature and Language from Leeds University

    • A Levels


    • GCSE's



Clean driving license 100 %
Expert storyteller 100 %
Singing & Acting coach 90 %
Native English speaking practice 100 %


    • Volunteer children's mentor for storytelling charity Ministry of Stories

      I helped local children to realise their stories on paper in correct English, and ot gain confidence in their own voices

    • Assisting with children's immersive storytelling events

      R&D. logistics and creative strategy for innovative children's LARP events in Dublin, in collaboration with a bestselling international author.

    • Various family babysitting and nannying for friends and their children

      I worked as a childminder for one family in particular for three years, takking care of their three children under 5, plus any freinds who came over to play during the school holidays.


Deutsch 20 %
French 50 %
English 100 %