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  • Posted Sep 07 2016

Childcare up to 4000 € per year Tax Deductable in Germany

Childcare up to 4000 € per year is tax deductable in Germany. Childcare can be deducated from the tax with "Sonderausgaben" (special expenses) on the tax declaration. Despite of the legal right of child care and the extension of the public childcare system, many parents still have to turn to private childcare to master their daily lives.  

Since 2012, the German Tax Authority (Finanzamt) does not question the reasons, why childcare is necessary anymore. Since then, parents can mention the childcare expenses among the special expenses.  

Two thirds of the annual childcare expenses up to a maximum of 4000€ per year can be considered in the tax declaration.  

The children who are babysitted must be younger than 14 years though. However, there are two more conditions: Parents must be able to prove their expenses, like e.g .with bills or bookings.  
Furthermore, the costs for childcare may not be paid in cash but must be paid from a bank account (or online account) to another account.  


his can also be seen as a state attempt to counteracting black-work in childcare and to reward the use of "legal" child care. 

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