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  • Posted Apr 03 2017

The Mum with the Phone on the Playground – That`s me!

I am that Mum constantly staring on her phone in the park or playground when my two small children are climbing up and down the steps or playing in the sand.

That doesn`t mean that I am not attentive about my children. Even if I get many looks from other parents, as I am that Mum who is seeming to be neglectful.

But, I always watch them from one eye corner- there cannot be something so interesting that I would ever ever lose track of them. Because I am a mother.

The fact that I seem a little bit distracted when I am on the playground or in the park with them doesn`t make me a bad mother!

Actually I am also that Mum who is a little bit afraid when my little ones are climbing up the high ladders to slide down.


But why then you let yourself constantly distract by your phone? Because it`s necessary.  Or sometimes, I like a relax a bit and read something I am interested in. That should be allowed as a mother as well!


I stay at home and work from home as a Freelance Marketing Consultant. While I have a flexible schedule and do something I really love, I also have to make up for lost times by working night shifts, as I have to meet tight deadlines. No work, no money is my reality.

Many as not to say all of my tasks are online, like responding to emails of clients, researching topics or posting in social channels.
But can`t you do that when your little ones are napping? No, I can`t. The time is just too little. Even if my “big” one is going to the Kita already (he is two years old), the small one is napping only around 1 hour during the day- the time which I need to clean up the house a little bit after her playful morning.


But, working in a job which rewards me well, is important for my children as well.

They grow up in an atmosphere where they understand good work is paid enough for a living and efforts will get rewards. That is important to me and secures the well being of my family!

Furthermore, I think it is important for my children to play with each other or other children – much more than to play with me. As they are already two, they love to play above all with each other.

And what seems like ignoring for outsides- that means I let them play alone on the playground 2 meters from which lasts only for about an hour. When I would work outside of the house, I would work a minimum of 7 consecutive hours without seeing my children. That does not seem like the better alternative for me!  


By Sonja Uhl




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