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  • Posted Apr 27 2017

What does it really mean to be a Mother

Being a mother means much more than having given birth to a child. It`s caring for another life which completely depends on you. It`s giving life to a completely new human being out of your body.

It`s sacrifice- sleepless nights, nursing scratches and bruises, it`s protection and FULL responsibility for another, small and completely helpless human being.

 It`s teaching a child how to do literally EVERYTHING- eat, walk, make pee or poo, going to sleep, speak, read, write and get to know ANYTHING of this world.

 It`s also releasing your child into the hands of strangers to increase his learning and ability to be with other children. Or your necessity to follow other goals in life which are necessary for the well being of you and of course, your child.

 It`s lifting them up when they fall, consoling them when they cry and sometimes not knowing how to fix their pain.


It`s teaching them that they are smart, capable and are able to do so many things.

It´s giving them a background roots- that can be in a culture or religion which gives him meaning and frame in life or anything else.


Being a mother means unconditional love.

Unconditional love which nobody can understand who does not have a child.

It is a deep and possibly the deepest human connection which no other relationship can reach in terms of deepness. It`s an always growing love which reaches always new levels of intensity.


Being a mother means hearing the word “Mommy” always and always again and still loving it.

For most mothers, being a mother brings to light the best version of herself.  




A mother is women with unconditional love, for a little one, who is her child.

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By Sonja Uhl

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