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  • Posted Nov 04 2017

A few Ways to beat Loneliness as a Stay-at-home Mum

When you are about to become a stay at home Mum, people give you tips how to keep a busy home in order, your kids happy and how to calculate the money issues.

What many don`t mention is how incredibly lonely it can be.

It is very often hard to admit, as loneliness is associated with unsatisfaction in life which is simply not true in this case. Your feelings of loneliness are not bad or uncommon, but they can be overcome. Next time when you are feeling that loneliness overwhelms you, try these tips: 

1)   Make Mom Friends

This is for sure the number one! As a mother, your situation has significantly changed and now you need friends in the same situation as you are - Mom friends. Connecting with other Mamas, especially who also stay at home, is a perfect way to combat loneliness. With them, you will be immediately on the same level and can do all the things you usually do with friends and take your kids along. The most important thing – they will understand you and what does it mean to be a mother!Furthermore, it is a great moral support to hear others mothers go through the same things as you do!

2)    Join an online community of mothers

Also joining an online Mom community that can be a great support and asset – much greater maybe then you have thought it would be. Many times it helps so much when you can share your feelings and thoughts about a topic e.g. on Facebook and get immediate reply and support from other mothers.

3)    Get outside more

It would be nice, when you can manage to go out more. Take your baby or your kids and venture out. However, in my opinion, it is not necessary to do that every day- it depends, how you feel!

4) Find a Hobby

Yeah, if you have time for a hobby- or if you find or have something you really love- do it and get out some free minutes when to keep it up, even with your Baby.

4)    Get a part-time job

When your kids are not such small babies anymore, and you are a stay at home Mom why not taking a couple of hours per day to earn some money? Maybe that could be a good idea.  






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