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  • Posted Mar 28 2017

Lactation Food to increase your Milk Supply

As nursing Mum, you have an unstoppable appetite. Unfortunately, even if you do not have to count calories every day, you should not eat unhealthy now. Instead you surely want to eat high nutritional foods which is filled with ingredients stimulating the milk production. However, these are not a proven cure for supply.


If you are struggling with your milk supply, you should talk to lactation consultant or your doctor to get help! 

However, many Mums have said to have increased their milk production by eating some special “lactation” foods.

However, if breastfeeding or not, this list of recipes and foods are really delicious and, you will definitely enjoy trying them:


 List of Food and Recipes:

Baby Mama Bars

 For more info:


No Bake Lactation Bites

 For more info:


Lactation Milks Shake

 For more info:


No Bake Protein Bars

 For more info:


Dairy Free Lactation Cookies

 For more info:


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Lactation Muffins

 For more info:




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