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  • Posted Jun 06 2017

10 Things that make Moms Happy

As moms, every day, we are working hard to make our kids happy. We act selfless not seldom until exhaustion and for us, it`s totally worth it.

But now, I explicitly want to talk about us! 

Let`s take a moment of time to think about our wishes and needs and focus on things that make US happy!

And there are plenty of them!  


Here are a few…


1)    1) Hot coffee! –Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee for us Moms! We enjoy the coffee in any kind of situation

2)    2) Baby Smiles! Smiles of newborns, toddlers, children, little ones!

3)    3) Hugs! Sweet hugs from the kiddies!

4)    4) Being Appreciated-We Moms love it when somebody tells us that we are doing a really good job!

5)    5) Seeing our children thrive

6)    6) Half an hour of peace

7)    7) Newborn baby sleeping on your chest

8)    8) Moms night out

9)    9) Chocolate

10.  10) Having a support “team” of friends, family or no matter who is close to you and will support you whenever or wherever. (Remember, it needs a village to raise a child! )

By Sonja Uhl

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