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  • Posted May 26 2017

Dear Fathers, Be your Child`s true Hero!

Dear Fathers, 

You are in the extraordinary position that someone sees you as a true hero- your child. Whatever you do, your child will admire it, imitate it and believe in the fact that your actions are absolutely flawless and perfect.

So you as father are in a position like a real celebrity or rockstar- your actions are admired, spoken about, imitated and remembered.


Analogue to a celebrity, please act absolutely with consideration and be aware of the huge responsibility and it bears.

But it doesn`t bear only responsibility but more than anything a huge potential.

The potential to change your child`s life to positive.

 Use it!


Fathers are central to the well being of their children. They are with the mothers the most important caretakers and disciplinarians of a child.

 A father can impact a child`s emotional and social skills in a very positive way. Children`s relationship with a father can effect all of their relationships in their lifes. And that derives from interaction of the father with the child from the earliest days on.

 Family roles have changed over the years but the role of the father remains consistent.

 In our western society, only 20 percent of all households are married couples with children. The rest are family structures of all kinds and fathers in all kinds of life situations. What really matters is not that, it is how much fathers are involved.


There are many thing a father can do to build a strong relationship with his children, like e.g.

-Be your child`s hero! A father is every child`s hero. Fill this position, protect your children and be there for them. Let them grow up secure and be a positive role model for the challenges of life. That involves being financially responsible and offer emotional security.

-Love and support your children from a young age. They just need a little bit of your attention to internalize that you are there for them when they need you.

-Play with them in your free time. They will give you back so much!

-Offer hugs and be affectionate. Don`t be afraid to do also traditional “Mums” tasks.

-Show that you value them. In that way, you will build their self-esteem.




 By Sonja Uhl



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