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  • Posted Aug 21 2017

How Moms can Empower Fathers

Today`s fathers get much more involved in raising children then decades before. And many fathers wish and enjoy overtaking tasks in the upbringing of a child.

First thing to mention is, that this is a great thing!

However, there is still a little notion left that mothers or women in general know better how to deal with many situations of the care and raising of a child. That starts from how to hold a Baby to how to deal with emotional matters of children.

Especially when the mother is working or not available for some time, the father has to overtake the whole or some of the “Mom” tasks.

We should be happy to have a father who is willing to overtake also the untraditional tasks like childcare, cooking, dishes or laundry.

But we as mothers should be happy especially for a father showing interest in raising a child and remove this little rest of insecurity to make the father the big “Dad hero” our child and we wish to have!

Many times it is the Moms “I know best” mentality which keeps fathers from playing a more active role. And we have to step a path forward to them – also traditions are standing in their way. A few decades ago, a man changing diapers was something unthinkable!

Here are some thoughts how to empower the father to get more involved:

1)    Invest more trust in him!  

Trust the father in the way how things with the children are done and how he is interacting with them.

Just how we approach it, it is not the only way how things can be done!

2)    Consider him, when he suggests something different!

Even when you deem yourself as mother the expert herself, it can probably be that your spouse proves to be right in many ways!

3)    Let him discipline: Anyway, we mothers are the everyday disciplinarians. We ourselves get tired of our own voice by the end of the day .Let the fathers do some disciplining any time you are together as family. The children often take that very seriously and if works extremely well.


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